as Director / Camera Operator


12m56s Music Video

A live arrangement take on Michael Jackson's famous hit Smooth Criminal and Human Nature. Recorded Live at NRG Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Producer, Arranger, Piano, Musical Director: Bernard Jonathan
Vocal: Remington Maxwell
Aux Keyboard: Renny Goh
Guitars: Ruben Wan & Elijah Kai
Bass: Andre Cruz
Drums: Bianca Richardson 

Chief Recording Engineer: Cheng-Wen Yeh
Assistant Recording Engineer: Albert Lim & Alexey Belyasin
Mixed by: Lin Tzu Yu
Mastered by: Dan Millice

Yilei Zhou - Director
Kane Wang - Director of Photography
Han Wu - Camera Operator
Joseph Lao - Camera Operator
Wang Liang - Camera Operator
Chenge Zhang - BTS
Henry Ali - Editor


Music rights: Michael Jackson